Kitchen Utensils High Reliable Stainless Fryer K2 Steel Pressure

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Brand NewPopular In The European And American Markets !
This product has been declared National patent recently !
Small Size, High Capacity, Easy Operation, And High Efficiency, But Also To Save Electricity
It can be used with a general power of lighting
The product has ordinary fryer’s inherent properties of devices,
but also has no explosive device, Adopt a flexible beam supporting device
It is a new international product which is necessary equipment of
guest houses, hotels, restaurants and leisure snack bar
CE Certification, ISO9001 Quality Certification
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price:1600AUD
If you would like to put Fried Chicken on your menu but cannot stand the hawker health conditions or the taste of the batch production , then the Pressure Fryer could be the answer.
The pressure fryer has been in production for several years and has proven itself to be a reliable and cost effective pressure fryer. We have tested this machine and it is working fine. Made from a high grade stainless steel, timer fitted, variable thermostat, drain tap, fryer basket, pressure valve, pressure guage, rubber feet for stability, ideal for fast food takeaway work.
Fried function
Suitable for all kinds of food, such as Fish, chicken, meat, vegetable, and chips. Temperature and palate all by yourself. Whatever you want, just do it.
Technical Parameters
Specified voltage: 220(Could be used all over the world)    overall size: 350*400*500Specified power: 3kw       weight: 18kgWork pressure: 8psi         Control temperature:50-300℃Capacity: 16L                  Regular time: 0-30″Heater: ceramic
Feature1.Large round basket, fits 3-5 chickens.
2.Large oil tank, with drain tap.
3.Temperature controls.
4.Safety Features.
5.CE Certified.
6.Heavy duty, solid & robust machines, ideal for commercial use.
7.Automatic thermostat.
8.Simple to operate.
9.304 Stainless steel all-round, for good looks & easy to clean.
10.Quick to cook, under 6-7 mins per batch.
How to use
Please see the User Manual to see how to set up and use this machine. 
1.Plug fryer in and switch on. The red mains lamp should light. Switch off, do not leave heat on with fryer empty.
2.If the red lamp does not light, check that the drain handle is closed (fully left) and the latch is down, and try again.
3.Place is small container under the outlet pipe at the back of the machine to catch any steam and water expelled when cooking finishes.
4.Now fill the pot with oil up to the oil level mark on the inside of the pot.DO NOT OVERFILL WITH OIL
5.Switch on and set thermostat is 7. The amber lamp will light. Heating from cold may take 30 minutes.
6.While the oil is heating dip the chicken pieces in water and roll in seasoned broad mix.The breading mix sticks better if done at least 20 minutes before frying. 
7.When the oil has reached the correct temperature the amber heat lamp will go out.
8.Take your previously breaded chicken and roll again in breading mix. Do not re-wet the pieces this time.Shake off any excess breading and place in the fryer one piece at a time.
9.DO NOT OVERFILL WITH CHICKEN.DF – 10 to 12 pieces maximumXL – 15 pieces maximumMF – 18 pieces maximum 
10.Replace the lid ensuring it is fitted squarely and tighten the 1c knob 2full turns of the lid knob should be enough. 11.Set the timer on the front panel to the required time. You may hear a click as the sciaenid valve closes. 
12.Pressure will now build up in the pot. The normal running pressure is 8 psi.
13.While the chicken is cooking the spinning dead-weight valve on the lid will vent any excess steam. This valve must be kept clean at all times. If the valve becomes blocked the spring loaded lid will lift to release excess pressure at about 16 psi on the gauge.
14Check that the lid has been fitted correctly and that steam is not leaking from around the edges.The heat light will go on and off while the oil is brought back up to temperature.
15.When the timer has run down to zero the solenoid valve will open and steam will be ejected into your container. Wait until the pressure has fallen before removing the lid.
16.Remove the frying basket clear of the oil and allow the chicken to dram.
17.The heating light will probably now be on as the oil is reheated to frying temperature. Wait until this goes out before reloading the machine.
18.CHANGING THE OILTo open the drain valve you must first unlock it by lifting the red catch. This will automatically switch off the machine ensuring that oil cannot be drained whilst the pot is under pressure.
19.If no oil is released when crain opened. Try stirring the sludge at the bottom of the pot.It is advisable to wait until the oil is cool before draining.
Friendly Tips
1.The inside of the fryer should be cleaned daily. If left, oil and breading deposits can become burnt on and be very difficult to clean.
2.To clean the pot fill the fryer 3/4 full with water and add washing up liquid. Clean the inside with a stiff bristle or a stainless steel scouring pas while the pot is still warm(Caution. Do not leave the heat switched on or the contents will boil over).
3.Beware in using chemical cleaners that they are suitable for use with aluminums. Corrosion can occur with many products(Particularly those containing caustic soda).
4.We can not accept responsibility for damage caused by the use of corrosive cleaning products.
5.Care should be taken to keep the drain free of debris. Ensure that the drain calve is fully open before cleaning the drain to avoid damaging the ball valve or its seals.
6.Be careful to remove all the water and any remains of cleaning materials before use.
7.Clean the outside of the cabinet with a damp cloth and detergent. Abrasive cleaning products such as wire wool and scouring pads will scratch the finish.
8.Kuroma is designed to be splash proof. On no account use a water jet or a steam jet on the cabinet. If it suspected that the control circuit has been affected by water, switch off at the control circuit has been affected by water, switch off at the mains, and remove the 13amp plug from its socket, and leave the fryer in a warm place to dry out.
9.Have the cooker checked over by an electrician before reconnecting.

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Kitchen Utensils High Reliable Stainless Fryer K2 Steel Pressure