Concrete Vibrator Valuable PRO Hose AI Construction Tool-gt5D


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  • Model: 95111865
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  • Manufactured by: EcPur

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CE Certification, ISO9001 Quality Certification
Brand New
240/220 VOLT
Simple to Operate, Easy to Move
Ideal For Small Jobs or Hard to Get to Places Like Stairs Ways ETC.
Well constructed with quality materials
35mm Dia, Needle
Flexible Shaft
Safety to Use
800w Motor
CE Certification, ISO9001 Quality Certification
2 years free warranty
Retail Price:699USD

Introduction Hand Held Concrete Vibrator, is a kind of professional construction tool machine, widely used in construction places. Easy to operate, the electric concrete vibrator is essential to construction use, ensuring the fastness of buildings.
Vibrate pouring concrete to make it dense.
It suits for both construction sites and home.

Technical Parameters
· Rated current: 2.8A
· Rated voltage:220V
· Input power: 800W
· Frequency: 50Hz
· Needle diameter:35MM
· Shaft length: 150cm
· Weight of shaft: 4.5 kg
· Weight of drive unit (motor): 2.1kg
· Total weight: 6.6kg
· C.E. Approved

Feature Professional machie Stable voltage, 800W. Safe to opearate Hand held Well constructed with quality materials Powerful and safe concrete vibrator Flexible Shaft Hard Nose with flexible shaft for hard to reach places Shaft simply screws on to drive unit, no other tools required Lift time to use High Quality and Durable Easy to maintenance and inspection Widely used in construction Electric control Easy to use labour saving tool to help settle concrete and remove air bubbles from slabs & footings  
How to use
Please download the MANUAL HERE to see how to use this machine.
Maintenance and inspection
Before any work on the machine itself, pull the mains plug.
1) the brushes should be checked periodically and wom-out burshes should be replace in time ,after replacing ,inspect, whether the new brushes can move freely in the brush holder, keep running the motor for 15 minutes to match the contact of brushes and commentators.
2) keep the ventilation slots clear from dirt , clean off the accumulated dust and oil dirt pericodicatly.
3) During normal operation , if anything happens ,the power supply should be cut offAt once and the tool should be checked and repaired
4) Regular inspect all mounting screws and ensure that they are properly tightened, should any of the screws be lossen,Tighten them immediately, failure to do so could result in personal injury
5) Do not expose the tool to rain , Do not use power tools in damp or wet location ,keep work area well lit do not use power tools where there is risk to cause fire or explosion 0. Storing the Shearing machine.
Item Units and Pictures (what you see what you get)
1 x 800W Concrete Vibrator 1 x 1.5M Hose

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Concrete Vibrator Valuable PRO Hose AI Construction Tool-gt5D