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Brand New 68-Manual PVC Card Embosser Credit ID Embossing Machine
CE Certification,ISO9001 Quality Certification
Total 11 Lines of Embossing
Easy to Use with No Skilled Training Required
Internal 68 Code Characters, Adopting ISO International Credit Card Special Characters
Indicator and Sample Card For Raised Type Location Indication
2 years free warranty and life time free maintenance service
CE Certification, ISO9001 Quality Certification
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price:999USD

PVC Card Embosser is the necessary equipment at the end of the process of producing PVC card, which is perfect for personalization of your VIP cards, club cards, membership Cards, gift cards etc. It makes PVC cards identified or exclusive by printing convex characters on them.
This Manual PVC Card Embosser Machine we offer has the characteristics of heavy duty reliable structure, accurate orientation, small volume, beautiful appearanceand convenient operation. Compared with electric embossing machines, this manual machine is more economical and better suited for small batch or personalization jobs.
Technical Parameters
Applies workpiece: Normative PVC card, That be 85.5mm × 55mm.
Character-selection: character rosette turnplate .
Internal 68 code characters :
English letters(26 capital English letters): A~Z 
Capitalization & Lower Arabic numerals (20):0~9 
Small symbols (8): &‵ ,. - / ( ) 
Large symbols (12): £ $ ¥ 元N O .-∕( ): 
Modify planishing symbols(2):■ ■ 
Adopting ISO international credit card special character.
2 gears for word spacing gap: 
1/7 inch
1/10 inch(only for small characters)
Operation mode:manual
Raised type lines: 1-11 lines
Raised type location indication:indicator or sample card
Volume(L×D×H):340×300×180 (mm)
Net weight of the machine:8.8 kg 
Manual PVC Card Embossing Machine
Indicator and Sample Card For Raised Type Location Indication
Adjustable Kerning, 7, 10 Characters Per Inch and 11 Lines of Embossing
Internal 68 Code Characters, Adopting ISO International Credit Card Special Characters, Meets All Your Needs
Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Easy to Use with No Skilled Training Required, Just Turn the dial to the Character you Want and Pull the Lever
2 Correcting Characters For Error Correction, to Press Small Characters or Large Characters Flat
Character depth can be adjusted to users specifications by adjusting portion located towards the bottom of the machine (Hardware is included.) 
How to use
Please download the MANUAL HERE to see how to use this machine.
1.Put the card in the card frame and fix it.
2.Move the frame and choose the position what you need.
3.Write the daisy characters plate ,use the pointer to choose the characters you need.
4.After doing step 1~3,jolt the hand-haft.
5.If the embossment depth is out fit what you need,you can adjust the bolt in adjusting hole at the bottom of machine .You can use 4th inner hexagon spanner to untie the bolt,and then use 8th outer hexagon spanner to untie outer bolt,after adjusting,please screw the bolt.
6.There are 2 different spacing for large or small fonts,1/7 or 1/10.
1.Please use the PVC card(85mm x 55mm) CR-80 standard.
2.When turning the characters plate,please don't drop down the hand-haft.
3.When switch the embossment size, please ward off the card frame slightly to avoid damage.
4.Never put hand or other hard objects into the machine.
5.Please move the card frame to the left end when not using the machine.
6.If the imprinted character may be deeper or shallower,undesirable,then it can be adjusted by adjusting screw in the regulation.
Means:use the Z outside-hexagonal spanner along with the code sprinter to a little loose the hold-down nut,and then inside-hexagonal spanner with the code sprinter to adjust the middle regulating screw.
Attention:turning the regulating screw in clockwise may deepen the typed characters while clockwise turning may lighten the typed characters.After finishing,please use the inside-hexagonal spanner with the code sprinter to make the regulating srcew stable,and then use the Z outside-hexagonal spanner to fasten the hold-downscrew.
Kindly Notice: Due to the effort saving design, please do not pull the lever too hard during your operation in order to protect the machine.
Item Units and Pictures (what you see what you get)
1 x PVC Card Embossing Machine 1 x Punch Handle 1 x Sample PVC Card 1 x Set of Hardware 1 x User's Manual

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ID PVC Machine Manual Embossing Card Sale AI Bargain Embosser Le